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There are currently 3 products available:

1) Kafka 1 - can print alphabetical characters and simple graphics. The small dimensions of the printer, minimal power consumption, DC or AC  
 power adapter, simplicity of use and quiet operation all make it most desirable addition to weighing products.

2) Kafka / Z is the same as the basic Kafka 1 but with an additional real time clock. It prints both date and time.

3) Kafka SQS is an intelligent statistics printer for use with weighing scales. It has 2 operating modes:
                                                     1. processing and printing data received from electronic scales

                                                      - prints data automatically
                                                      - a subsequent number can be added as a suffix before the measurement printout
                                                      - actual time can be printed with each measurement (hour, minute, second)
                                                      - stores values of each measurement in memory in order to perform statistical analysis
                                                      - in the case of an error or mistake the last measurement can be erased
                                                      - choice of operations, ie.: report, new series, continuation
                                                      - option to print multiple reports at any time
                                                      - stored data of current series could be erased
                                                      - ability to perform statistical analysis using up to 1000 measurements
                                                     2. printing text and graphics
MAS Advanced Measurement Solutions are a distributor of state-of-the-art KAFKA thermal printers manufacturered by the MEFA company.
The printers are an ideal addition to electronic scales.
MAS Advanced Measurement Solutions are capable to design and implement into its products a custom data printout
supporting almost any serial barcode printer on the market.

Example barcode printers' brands supported by MAS Indicators:

                   Citizen ,

and many others.